TinyTrim™ - LED Baby Nail Trimmer Set

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Do you dread cutting your littles one's nails?

We've got the solution! Your baby nail trimming nightmare days are over!

The Electric Baby Nail Trimmer is an electric operated trimmer that safely files tiny fingernails without harming surrounding skin. The Electric Baby Nail Trimmer comes with six cushioned filing pads, each designed for a different stage of your baby's growth. 

Our modern nail trimmer is specifically designed to safely trim and polish little toe and fingernails for babies and toddlers in a matter of MINUTES! 
The Premium Electric Nails Trimmer gives parents a stress free solution to the dangers of traditional nail clippers.

There’s nothing worse than the fear of hurting your own child.

Baby Electric Nail Trimmer

Trimming a newborn’s nails is one of the most challenging tasks parents face. You have to tread carefully to avoid scratching the skin or injuring the cuticle! The Baby Electric Nail Trimmer available at our store makes this task easier. Buy one today.

Regular baby nail trimmers are clunky, difficult, and dangerous to use. 

Babies’ and toddlers' nails grow incredibly fast and it is important to keep their nails short in order to prevent injuries, scratches, and other unnecessary harm. Let the little ones explore without worrying about them scratching and breaking their nails! Keeping your little ones happy and safe is our ultimate priority!

We’ve taken the time and researched the best technology to design the ultimate product to ensure the safest and most convenient outcome for you and your little one!

Read all the benefits to see the bonus of how this also benefits YOU and all your pampering needs

Safe & Convenient: Our Electric Nail Trimmer won't damage cuticles or soft nail beds. Safely and quickly trim and polish little toenails and fingernails. Only a few minutes a week, to keep your little one's nails safe and polished!

Use While They Sleep: Whisper-quiet motor, as we have designed the trimmer to be used while the little ones are sleeping! In-built LED front light so you can clearly and safely trim in low light.

Versatile: This is sold as a whole set which comes with 6 different trimmer styles, dependent on your baby or toddlers age. It also comes with an attachment so adults can use it too! The package is equipped with instructions regarding age and which one to use.

✅Gentle & Painless: Unlike traditional nail clippers, the Electric Baby Nail Trimmer is a gentle and painless solution to keep your child’s nail short and safe. The in-built speed settings are designed so that you are in control at all times

✅Cushioned Pads: To prevent any harm from coming to the skin around your baby's nails, including the fingertips and cuticles, each nail filing pad features a soft, cushioned backing that's gentle on surrounding skin. The cushion also softens the applied pressure.

✅Multiple Settings: Control speed (high/low) and rotation (clockwise/anticlockwise) to enhance nail trimming positions for softer & smoother nails. Also, this was built to make it an easy use for left or right-handed parents!

✅Ergonomic Handle: Perfectly curved design gives a painless, smooth, and comfortable grip feeling during nail-care operation.

✅Single Hand Operation: Lightweight and compact, the Electric Baby Nail Trimmer operates using two AA batteries and can be used with a single hand thanks to its one-button operation. Simply attach your chosen nail file, turn it on, and use the LED front light to softly grind away excess nail length. And thanks to the whisper-quiet motor, you never have to worry about loud noises waking sleeping babies.

✅Lightweight, Compact Design: One-button user-friendly design and powered by 2 AA batteries, this is the perfect parent or baby's gift for home or travel use. The set is also sold with a hard case that is durable for travel and made for convenience!

✅Bonus: Includes 3 ADULT ATTACHMENTS! Pampering for ALL! Because we believe parents need to also reap the benefits of our product, we have included three additional filing heads specifically geared for adult nails!
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Will the grinding head harm my baby in any way? 
A: No. The heads are made from a pliable material that is safe for the skin. It is effective at filing down a baby's nails, but will not hurt or harm your baby. We have never heard any reports or feedback of the trimmer causing any injuries!

Q: Can I use this device on my toddler?

A: YES! The Electric Baby Nail Trimmer comes with different levels of filling heads. Our product can definitely be used for toddlers age 5+. Our customers use the "Soft Polishing Head" for their little toddlers!

Q: Is it loud? Will it scare my child?
A: Our Electric Baby Nail Trimmer is whisper quiet. It's so quiet that many parents are able to trim their children's nails while they're sleeping!

Q: Does this work for baby toes?

A: The Electric Baby Nail Trimmer is specifically designed for baby + toddler fingernails and toenails. Generally, babies are very content to let you trim their toenails with this electric nail trimmer. The trimming is quiet and almost unnoticeable to the child.